U.S.-Greece Relations: Common Values & Shared Interests in A Time of Complex Diplomacy & High-Stakes Geopolitics in Eurasia - Shared screen with speaker view
Nicholas Helldorfer Cicchinelli
Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us today. Please note that we will be collecting questions for the Q&A session following the ambassador’s remarks using the Q&A window, which is located on the menu at the bottom of your screen. Please enter you questions there as you think of them.
Nicholas Helldorfer Cicchinelli
We welcome your questions through the Q&A box! Please submit them at any time and they will be addressed during the Q&A session following the ambassador’s remarks.
maria deca
Good afternoon! There are 40 MA students at the Institute of International Relations attending the event.
Nicholas Helldorfer Cicchinelli
Wonderful, we are happy to have you!
Nicholas Helldorfer Cicchinelli
Please submit any questions you might have!
Prof. Elizabeth Prodromou
Thank you to everyone on both sides of the Atlantic for being part of today's conversation with Amb. Pyatt. Also, thank you to the US Embassy team in Athens and to Nicholas Cicchinelli for the invaluable help with implementation of today's event. Above all, thank you t o Amb. Pyatt!