Religious Minorities and the Right to Self-Determination - Shared screen with speaker view
Christopher D. Pumford
Hello, everyone! Welcome to "Religious Minorities and the Right to Self-Determination." We encourage you to submit any questions you have the "Q&A" section of the Zoom chat. Thank you!
Dr. Zunes
Some of my articles on Western Sahara:http://stephenzunes.org/category/topic/western-sahara/
Dr. Zunes
And my book: https://press.syr.edu/supressbooks/4624/western-sahara/
Anahid Matossian
What is the most urgent existential threat to the group you are representing today and if you could have one policy or legal change to solve it, what would that solution be and why?
Lark S. Escobar
We’ve learned about the critical role that language has played for the preservation and protection of community identity for the Yezidis in Armenia, but Urdu is the language of instruction in Kashmir, not Kashmiri. What are the identity implications in Kashmir given the imposed use of Urdu? Does the use of Urdu instead of Kashmiri contribute to local violent extremism? Does it exascerbate the tensions with the greater state of India? What do the Kashmiri people stand to gain by implementing Kashmiri as the language of instruction for schools? How does the use of Urdu in Kashmir impact war memory/cultural heritage?
Lark S. Escobar
How do ideologically-extreme groups like the Taliban, ISIS-K, and L-e-T impact the right to self-determination in Indian Kashmir?