The Gas Rush in the Eastern Mediterranean: Discussion with Nikos Tsafos - Shared screen with speaker view
Rockford Weitz
How do you see recent normalizations of Israel’s diplomatic relations with Arab countries as impacting offshore gas developments in the Eastern Mediterranean? Especially given Turkey’s role in GCC relations with both Libya and Qatar.
Nadim Shehadi
The US is active in the Israel-Lebanon maritime border dispute, how does this fit into the rest of the region?
How do climate change related concerns about hydrocarbons figure into the computations?
Robert Nowak
I've been reading "The Crash of Flight 3804," in which I believe the author claims much of the aggression in the area has to do with pipelines; perhaps your politics is overt, and there is widespread covert activities over resources.
Robert Nowak
Also, where does GAZA fit in?
Nadim Rouhana
It would be great if you raise your hands so I can call on you. Thanks.
Stephen Andrews
I would suggest that the main issue with the Israel-Lebanon maritime border is the (lack of) a technically competent Lebanese Government. It might be argued that the Lebanese interest has been given impetus by their economic crisis which means that there is no further cake to divide up amongst the Za'im of Lebanon. They see gas as an answer. Their problem then is convincing the people that it is all in their, rather than the people of Lebanon's interests. I see no quick solution.