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Perri Sheinbaum (she/hers)
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Perri Sheinbaum (she/hers)
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Julian Agyeman
Tom Viles
Do you have a view on the suggestion that the Commons are three-dimensional? In other words, that the Commons are not merely common lands and parks, but also the enjoyment of fresh air and light, which can be "enclosed" by the erection of neighbouring large structures that deny light and fresh air to vulnerable communities (e.g., heat islands, urban canyons, and so on)?
Johnny Shively (he/him)
How can local and state governments support projects of the Black Commons? Through financial investment? Are there other ways?
Brown House Watch Party
What are some things to consider when looking at the governing structures of CLTs?
What are your thoughts of what’s happeningin Germany our (zoning predecessors) in the seizure of corporate land to redistribute for public goods and how can we learn from it?
Hilary Noll, MITHUN
Can you share more about the network of cooperatives and CLTs and how we might learn more and connect other emerging organizations?
Brown House Watch Party
We often regard Omsted in a negative aspect because of displacement. Can you speak to his legacy as an abolitionist? How do we recon learning about this historacle figure in an honest point of view from both sides?
Kathryn Piasecki
To me, the idea of shared commons/cooperative movements has radical economic implications and challenges many of the inherent goals of capitalism…I would love to hear your thoughts on these spaces within the context of capitalism vs. socialism?
I'm sceptical of claims for an architecture of the urban commons. It seems all architecture and architects can do is come into situations where these projects are under way already, and augment or facilitate their coming into being, in conjunction with other processes and institutions. But I'm curious to know whether designers feel they can do more than piggyback on commoning initiatives and forces that are already latent in the city?
Joanne Sheehan
CLT boards are 3 parts - leasees, members and public reps who may be technical experts but may also be local expterts or people brining in a perspective or constituencies not represented.
Traci Montgomery
back to your governance comment on CLT - how does funding sources play into that? Are the "up to 30%" technical experts also inclusive of funders?
Hilary Noll, MITHUN
Will do! :-)
Laurie Goldman (UEP)| she, her
e.g. The Greater Boston CLT Network in Massachusetts
Joanne Sheehan
Grounded Solutions Network
Nathan Klima
You spoke just now about eminent domain as a power wielded by the government that has great potential to displace people, especially those in marginalized communities. What are some ways in which eminent domain can be used by CLTs for public good? (ex. Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative)
Tom Llewellyn
Free ebooks from Shareable: “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons” https://www.shareable.net/sharing-cities/ – & – “How Racism Shaped the Housing Crisis & What We Can Do About It” https://www.shareable.net/how-racism-shaped-the-housing-crisis-what-we-can-do-about-it/
Tom Llewellyn
This presentation and discussion will be released on Shareable.net next week as a Podcast, human-corrected transcript, and video. Recordings of the past two lectures are currently available. “Rethinking the future of housing worldwide: favelas as a sustainable model” https://www.shareable.net/rethinking-housing-favelas-as-a-sustainable-model/ – and – Contested geographies of food, ethnicity, and gentrification https://www.shareable.net/contested-geographies-food-ethnicity-gentrification/
Natty King
Further piggy-backing off the CLT eminent domain concept, I'd be interested to hear the history behind how the DSNI gained this power and how other CLTs can work towards gaining the same status?
Teva Needleman (she/her)
Thank you so much Kofi for your wisdom and insight! Always a pleasure to hear you speak!
Perri Sheinbaum (she/hers)
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Thank you Kofi!!
Andrew Chapeskie (Whitefeather Community Resource Management)
Great presentation!
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Fantastic, thank you!
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Thank you Kofi! Great presentation