Student Experience Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Njeri Allen
Hi everyone! You are able to ask a question via the Q & A function :)
Maycon Cesar Santos
JumboTalk: https://admissions.tufts.edu/blogs/jumbo-talk/
Njeri Allen
For those asking about double majors: It's so easy for students to double major. Around 60% of our students have a double major, a major and minor, or even a triple major. Additionally, there are VERY low walls between the schools. So no matter what school you are in, you can take classes in any school!
Njeri Allen
If you are interested in an Alumni Interview, you have to apply first and THEN sign up for an interview with one of our amazing Alums!
Isaac Baek
I got to head out! It was great talking to everyone and I hope to see everyone at future Fall for Tufts events!!
Maycon Cesar Santos
Ofc we have parties lol
Njeri Allen
This recording will be available on the website shortly :) Stay tuned for other events!!
Njeri Allen
For any questions related to Admissions and Financial Aid, please email me at njeri.allen@tufts.edu
Maycon Cesar Santos
Hi y’all! Here’s my email: maycon_cesar.santos@tufts.edu (feel free to reach out if you have any other questions)!