Global Governance and International Organizations - Shared screen with speaker view
Adam Day
The Social List, not to be confused with The Socialist
Emily D
Hahaha. Love it. To put a question in the queue: what are the odds that some of these positions will be remote post-COVID?
Taehee Lee
Thank you for hosting this helpful sessions, amazing faculties, alumni, and students. I have interests in governance and peacebuilding in fragile states especially North Korea. But what i am curious about those who bring no work or academic background on International law. Is it possible for those students to catch-up classes in Global governance and International Organizations field?
Adam Day
Re Emily’s question: I think the UN Secretariat will aim to go mainly back to in person by the fall, and much of the work isn’t remote-able (e.g. peacekeeping, humanitarian operations). That said, there will be a broader shift towards more hybrid options, trying to shift some of the support work to more remote options, and the issue may be pressed by limited office space if things are going to be more spaced out. Certainly in the research field, where I am now, we are looking to models of more remote work (e.g. the bulk of our senior fellows are outside NY now).
Christopher Thomas
Thank you for your presentation. I am interested in US policy related to international cybercrime. What concentrations, classes, or professional opportunities do you think are most relevant to extradition, fighting nonstate threats, or int'l norms related to cybersecurity? Is this more suited to Global Governance/Int'l Orgs or to Int'l Security?
Gaurav Sharma
https://fletcher.tufts.edu/academics/courses/fields-study/technology-and-international-affairs followed by https://sites.tufts.edu/cybersecurityandpublicpolicy/
Emily D
Thank you for such an interesting discussion!
Taehee Lee
Thank you so much for thouhtful tips and comments!
Gaurav Sharma
Thank you very much for your time, for sharing deep insights. Very helpful.
Jennifer Anderson
Thank you for the honest advice and interesting discussion!
Marija Tesla
For anyone who has questions: Marija.Tesla@tufts.edu
Jack H. Lashendock
I’ll follow your lead! My email is Jack.Lashendock@tufts.edu