"Nervous Fictions" with Jess Keiser - Shared screen with speaker view
Alisha Rankin
I will have to help with child schoolwork here and there - will be turning camera off occasionally, but I will be listening!
Paige Eggebrecht
Thank you for that intriguing talk! Sorry to miss Q&A, but gotta run to another zoom meeting :/ Thank you to the organizers as well!
Kamran Rastegar
Thank you for joining us
Gayathri Goel
First of all, congratulations on the book! Can’t wait to check it out :) I have a comment and question . 1) It seems that there’s scientism (the superiority of the scientific method) at work in trying to understand how the mind or body functions, and yet these writers rely almost exclusively on imagination and metaphors to make their “scientific” point. 2) How are physical or mental disabilities explained and how did that shape the way the disabled were treated in the 18th century?
Gayathri Goel
Kamran, it’s fine if there’s no time to address this. Thanks!
Gayathri Goel
Thank you!