Life at SMFA Student Panel - Shared screen with speaker view
Maggie and Maddy (she/her)
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Maggie and Maddy (she/her)
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Lindsay Pike
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Lindsay Pike
Visual Art Portfolio Workshop6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT, Thursday, October 21Register Here - https://admissions.tufts.edu/visit/open-houses/fall-for-tufts/Thomas Duncan, Director of SMFA Admissions at TuftsThis program is designed to answer all of your questions about what goes into a great SMFA portfolio. Your portfolio won’t look like anyone else’s. The portfolio you submit is our introduction to you as an artist and should be as personal as your personal essay. Join us to hear from a current student about making sense of all the portfolio advice out there and from a member of the admissions team that reviews studio art portfolios on how to make your portfolio speak in your own voice. We’ll show some examples and take your questions.