Nutrition Health Literacy: Achievements and Future Plans - Shared screen with speaker view
Madalina Coman
Hi everyone. Madalina Coman, Researcher - interested in HL from Romania
Mark Duman
Mark Duman from Manchester England; recovering clinician, embarrassed management consultant (patient engagement & digital health) & proud patient advicate
Mark Duman
Even advocate!
Areti Efthymiou
Hi from Greece, Areti Efthymiou, psychologist, resercher from Hellenic Mediterranean University , Crete
Rev. Myrlande Desrosiers
Bonjour! Good Morning! Rev. Myrlande Desrosiers from Everett Haitian Community Center Community Health Literacy Program
hi. Jair from Mexico
Samantha Belfrage
Hi everyone. I'm Sam Belfrage in the UK. I'm at second yr PhD student at the University of Winchester. My project is exploring parental health literacy. My twitter is @slhibberd
Birgit Dieminger-Schnürch
Birgit from Austria - Nutritionist at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
Mark Duman
www.pifonline.org.uk is UK focused but maybe a useful resource re HL and beyond...thanks ;)
Kija Malale
Hi everyone, I'm Dr. Kija Malale, a nurse oncologist and lecturer from Tanzania
Tiffany Chavis
Hi! I'm Tiffany Chavis, a health literacy librarian from University of Maryland Baltimore with the NNLM, Region 1.
Nichelle Van der Mark
Hi everyone! My name is Nichelle van der Mark - care procurement account manager. I'm logging in from the beautiful island of St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).
Sam Lau
hi this is Sam, from Hong Kong
Marva Schodel
Hello All. Marva Schodel joining you from Merck I am based in Philadelphia.
Sam Lau
from Research Centre for Environment and Human Health, Hong Kong Baptist University
Bennie Finch
Hello. My name is Bennie Finch, Network of the National Library of Medicine Region 7 in Worcester, MA.
Katie Grennan
Hi! I'm Katie Grennan, a Nurse-Midwifery student with Texas Tech
Mark Duman
Samantha Belfrage - one for you perhaps: https://pifonline.org.uk/resources/publications/2020-guide-to-producing-health-information-for-children-and-young-people/
Beverly Sirvent
Beverly Sirvent from Finger Lakes Community Health, NY
Samantha Belfrage
Thanks Mark :-)
Tabitha Underwood
Tabitha Underwood, Louisville KY, UofL Health, Community Engagement Manager
Mahesh Bhatt
Good Evening Everyone, I am Mahesh Bhatt from India
Damayanthi Dassanayake
Damayanthi Dassnayake from University of Peradeniya Sri Lanka
Emily Carroll
I'm Emily, a community health/nutrition engagement coordinator and a nutrition educator at a Federally Qualified Health Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Huy Le Duc
Hello, Prof. and everyone. I am Huy, a researcher from Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Vietnam.
Jeanne Etkins
Hello. Jeanne Etkins, Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Jessica Lin
Hi everyone. This is Jessica Lin , my prior role was a clinical dietitian practicing in Canada and USA. I’m currently an assistant professor at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences in Taiwan. Nice meeting you all 😃
Angela Brega
Hi, all. I'm Angela Brega, Associate Professor with the Colorado School of Public Health. I study health literacy and management of chronic disease, focusing mainly on diabetes and pediatric oral health in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Some of my work focuses on diabetes nutrition education in Native people with diabetes.
Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi
Welcome please post comments and questions for Dr. Carbone here in the chat box. Thank you.
Mona Hassen
Hello from Copenhagen. I’m Mona Hassen from NaímCare, former nurse interested in health literacy, lifestyle medicine and nutrition among diverse population.
Gozie Udemba
Hello, I'm Gozie from Abuja, Nigeria. I'm a nutritionist and food scientist and Executive Director of Humano Wellness Foundation. Please email me on: gudemba@gmail.com. LinkedIn: http://ng.linkedin.com/in/gozieudemba
Jeanne Etkins
Please specify who is empowered how and exactly how "empowerment" intersects with accountability. Thanks.
Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi
If you just joined please introduce yourself in the chat. Please use the chat for questions and comments to speakers. And to share your own related experience and work.
Tanya Farquharson
Good afternoon,
Sandra Christiansen
Hello! Sandra Christiansen from Edmonton, Canada. I'm a registered dietitian on the team that creates nutrition resources for our health system.
Tanya Farquharson
My name is Tanya Farquharson and I am a postdoctoral fellow
Ngoc Lan Hoang
Hello all, my name is Lan Hoang, a nutritionist/dietitian from Vietnam.https://www.linkedin.com/in/lan-ngoc-hoang/It is great to see two registered dietitian professors today. I studied nutrition and dietetics in Australia and did an MPH in the USA. I am interested to pursue further study in the field.
Elham Ali
I’m Elham Ali, a doctoral student in health equity focusing on just community-led food systems
Sabrina Kurtz-Rossi
Welcome Elham Ali. Please let us know where you are from and where you are studying. Thank you for joining today.
Elena Carbone
The women themselves are empowered though our research methods and data collection. We ask women to identify health/nutrition issues that are meaningful to them and work with them collaboratively to design interventions that work in their communities. We also use a CBPR approach where the women are part of the research team to collect and analyze and interpret the data.
Angela Brega
Question for Teresa Wagner: My colleagues and I do diabetes nutrition education work in American Indian communities. Many rural, reservation communities do not have Registered Dieticians (RD) and so we plan to test a CHW model. Have you run into any concerns about the ability of CHWs to conduct nutrition education, in absence of an RD?
Teresa Wagner
Hi Angela, We actually have trained CHWs and lay health workers to provide education in rural communities for that very reason. I’m an RD and helped with the nutrition content. We also have frequent check-ins to answer questions or help with any issues that would require an RD. So, that's one model. I'd be happy to discuss more: teresa.wagner@unthsc.edu
Teresa Wagner
Hi Angela, We actually have trained CHWs and lay health workers to provide education in rural communities for that very reason. I’m an RD and helped with the nutrition content. We also have frequent check-ins to answer questions or help with any issues that would require an RD. So, that's one model. I'd be happy to discuss more: teresa.wagner@unthsc.edu
Angela Brega
Thank you, Teresa. I would be delighted to hear more about your model. I'll reach out to you in the coming days.
Jeanne Etkins
Effect of marketing and algorithms on quality of health information online?
Teresa Wagner
@Ngoc Lan Hoang absolutely! I encourage you to pursue further study! Please let me know if I can offer any assistance.
Mahesh Bhatt
Market forces play very impactful role on the nutrition related issues how health literacy can bring them for a healthy output?
Elena Carbone
I also want to add that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US does include cultural competency in their required learning objectives. It's not comprehensive, but it's a start!
Jeanne Etkins
Many thanks to all the speakers!
Sam Lau
hi all, pls see if you are interested in submitting an abstract to our virtual international conference https://hkbusce-internationalconference-ehh.info/
Tiffany Chavis
Thank you!
Angela Brega
Thank you!